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Is the Colour due to a Coating?

No, colour develops due to selective absorption of light at different thickness levels of Chromium Oxide grown artificially.

Is the Colour temporary or permanent?


What precautions are to be taken for cleaning the articles?

The articles can be cleaned using water and liquid soap. Do not use a hard brush; simply wipe with a soft & clean cloth. Usually, Colin with a soft cloth is more than enough for cleaning.

What happened when you rub the surface using a finger?

A temporary stain develops, which can be easily removed by cleaning as instructed above.

Can you put hot food on the kitchenware items for eating?


Any particular precautions to be observed while using the items for eating?

No, our products are superior to normal 18/8 (AISI 304) because of higher thickness of Chromium Oxide.

What type of stainless steel is used in the color production process?

We only use AISI304 (18Cr8Ni) Salem or Jindal quality steel, which is further double polished prior to the color production process.

What kind of Designs can be incorporated in the products?

The choices are many, including Ajanta ellora type, Portrait of famous personalities, Temple architecture, Tourist image, University/Collage & Office emblems & logos, and many more.